Working with
Classical Stone

Traditional Craft,
Traditional Methods.

Unlike some stonemasons, we don’t make use of CNC technology. Instead of simply pressing a button, our craftspeople carve stone by hand, using the time honoured methods that have shaped stone for centuries.

In this way, we ensure our work is completed to the same high standards as the original artisans. From handselecting the correct stone, to using the same masonry techniques, we work with sympathy and care to create a seamless finish.

But even though we use traditional techniques, we’re fully capable of carrying out high volumes of work, thanks to our well-equipped yard located on acreage in Brisbane’s fringe. Being far away from urban noise restrictions means we can carry out the work you require quickly and efficiently, on projects small or large.

We don’t reject all technology simply on principle. For example, we make good use of 3D animation software to illustrate our planned work for you. It’s designed to help you ‘see’ the proposed scope of work before we begin, to be sure you’ll be completely satisfied with the finished project.